Professional translation experience

  • Technical texts: user guides of household appliances and vehicles, power industry website contents
  • Scientific texts: publishing articles, physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, statistics, the environment, ecology
  • Medical texts: natural and alternative medicine, medical and pharmaceutical marketing
  • Editorial translation: “Das MMS Handbuch” (Daniel-Peter Verlag, ISBN-13: 978-3981525526), “Das DMSO Handbuch” (Daniel-Peter Verlag, ISBN-13: 978-3981525540), both books on alternative medicine.
  • Economy and corporative texts: financial statements (balance sheet, profit and loss account), audited reports, corporative news and reports
  • Legal texts: contracts
  • Tourism, travel and gastronomy: hotel websites, restaurant menus, travel guides
  • Blogs and other web contents: fashion and beauty, sports, music
  • Market analysis and forecasts
  • Marketing and e-commerce
  • Journalism: articles and interviews
  • European programmes: regulations, files, projects and applications

I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.


Groucho Marx


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